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Expert Tips for Anxiety and Stress Management for People Living with Osteoarthritis

Posted By: Candice Groves

Physical pain and immobility typically come to mind when we think of the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. However, osteoarthritis symptoms go far beyond physical strain, affecting all aspects of your life, specifically your mental health. The connection between OA and mental health conditions is considerable, with one in five American adults with arthritis showing symptoms of anxiety or depression.

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Digital Coach for Arthritis Featured

Effective Tips for Finding a Digital Coach for Osteoarthritis Treatment

Posted By: Candice Groves

Have you felt as though the pandemic has negatively impacted your arthritis self-management? If you’re wondering how to stay on top of your condition and mitigate progression and pain, then a digital coach for osteoarthritis may be the answer. With osteoarthritis affecting over 32.5 million US adults, the digital developments in the orthopedic industry come as a relief to those who are suffering from the disease.

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Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Joints While Work from Home

Posted By: David Pittaway

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus earlier this year, people have to adjust to a new way of living and working. With millions of Americans now working or studying primarily from home with regulations and social distancing in place, it is not just a mentally damaging experience, but it can also lead to physical effects as well.

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Self Management of Osteoarthritis

Posted By: Richard Iorio, MD

Self-efficacy is considered a core component in self-management. Self-efficacy is a personal judgement of how well one can execute courses of action required to deal with chronic processes. However, there is a lack of knowledge about the association between self-efficacy and health-related outcomes in osteoarthritis.

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