6 Week Program

The program consists of interactive education on arthritis, including care and lifestyle choices. Next, you participate in an exercise regimen that helps reduce pain while increasing movement and strength. Should you choose an arthritis health coach can monitor your progress and help you stay on track.

6 Week Program

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  • Real-time assessment

    Answer questions and complete a self-assessment to help us better understand your individual health needs.

  • Self-Evaluation and Staging

    MyArthritisRx has an algorithmic calculation that helps patients self-evaluate their disease severity and risk of progression. This allows patients to understand where they are on the spectrum of disease so they can better manage their arthritis.

  • Social Support

    Throughout, you will be able to view and connect with other users going through the program for mutual support.

  • Connect with Health Coach (If Health-Coach Directed program is selected)

    Your health coach is a critical part of the program. They’re there to answer your questions, help you achieve goals, keep you on track with your progress, and provide support.

  • Long-term maintenance plan

    You will continue to have access to a social support network of users, online modules and resources, a quarterly self-assessment, health coach support and calendar management.

Long Term Maintenance Program

Throughout the program, MyArthritisRx ensures users are experiencing progress by providing access to personalized guidance and assistance. Our program provides:

  • Access to a social support network of users
  • Access to online modules and resources
  • Quarterly self-assessment
  • Health coach support
  • Calendar management


MyArthritisRx helps patients manage their degenerative arthritis. Our digital, evidence-based approach gives you new health management tools specific to your needs. MyArthritisRx allows you to:

  • Enjoy your daily activities knowing you are in control of your arthritis
  • Decrease out-of-pocket healthcare costs
  • If appropriate, reduce unnecessary clinician visits and avoid invasive surgery
  • Optimize joint preservation
  • Improve wellness
  • Access information about current treatments and learn about new treatments


  • What is MyArthritisRx?

    MyArthritisRx is an innovative, 6-week program designed to help individuals manage their arthritis. The program is based on clinically-proven science and provides users with the tools they need to reduce pain and increase their function to achieve an improved quality of life. MyArthritisRx brings together the individualized attention of arthritis coaches with a proven curriculum to help users achieve manageable and meaningful goals.

  • Am I eligible to participate in MyArthritisRx?

    MyArthritisRx is available for people who want to better manage their arthritis. The program focuses on education, targeted exercise, pain coping techniques and behavioral changes to help you achieve lasting results.

    You can sign up for MyArthritisRx independently, but your employer may cover some or all of the costs. Please contact your human resources department to find out more or apply now as an individual.

  • Do I need a doctor’s note or prescription to participate?

    No, you don’t need a prescription to participate. MyArthritisRx provides you with tools and information that is beneficial for people who want to better manage their arthritis, including those who have been diagnosed with arthritis or who are otherwise at high risk for arthritis.

  • What are the most common types of arthritis?

    There are different types of arthritis. See a description of the different types in the About Arthritis Section.

  • Can I use my existing computer/phone/tablet to participate, or do I need special equipment?

    MyArthritisRx is designed to be used on any device connected to the internet. You can use MyArthritisRx with your existing computer/phone/tablet, as long as they are internet-enabled.

Sign up today to be the first of many individuals who will defeat the symptoms of arthritis through our step-by-step program. With the applied sciences of innovative technologists and medical industry professionals, you can once again experience life free of the overwhelming burden of chronic joint pain.



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