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  • Evidence-based Approach

    Evidence-based Approach

    This program is based on proven successes with clinical evidence and strong underlying science. mutual support and accountability.
  • Interactive Modules

    Interactive Modules

    Evaluate your condition through interactive, easy-to-understand lesson plans that educate patients regarding arthritis.
  • Staging Algorithm

    Staging Algorithm

    Our state-of-the-art technology provides a safe and user-friendly platform with the tools you need to manage and monitor your condition.
  • Arthritis Coach

    Arthritis Coach

    Receive professional guidance and customized treatment options. Our health coach helps you navigate the program and provides support throughout your progress.
  • Social Support Network

    Social Support Network

    Get the support you need. We match you up with other people struggling with the same condition to provide mutual support.
Home Exercises for Arthritis


MyArthritisRx helps you manage your degenerative arthritis. Our digital, evidence-based approach gives you new health management tools specific to your needs.
MyArthritisRx allows you to:
  • icon-benefit-activities
    Enjoy your daily activities knowing you are in control of your arthritis
  • icon-benefit-decrease
    Decrease out-of-pocket healthcare costs by reducing unnecessary clinician visits
  • icon-benefit-wellness
    Improve wellness by decreasing pain and improving your physical function
  • Optimize joint preservation
    Optimize joint preservation and when appropriate avoiding invasive surgery
  • Avoid Invasive Surgery
    If appropriate, reduce unnecessary clinician visits and avoid invasive surgery
  • icon-benefit-access-latest
    Access information about current treatments and learn about innovative arthritis research

Joint pain shouldn't stop you from living
to your full potential

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Personalized exercises to manage your arthritis at home

With MyArthritisRX, you can take better control of your arthritis, and even improve your quality of life with better knee pain treatment at home. In fact, just a few simple exercises carefully overseen by arthritis coach can help with your arthritis treatment. Sign up to MyArthritisRX and start enjoying your life free from the pain of chronic joint pain.

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